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The Finnish archipelago, known for its pristine natural beauty, offers a unique destination with excellent air quality. Finland, as a country, is recognized for its commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability. The archipelago's remote and untouched landscapes contribute to the exceptional air quality found in the region. The surrounding forests, clean waters, and minimal industrialization contribute to the purity of the air, creating an environment that is not only visually breathtaking but also promotes a sense of well-being and tranquility.

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Exclusive Day and Evening Tours in the Archipelago - Kopparnäs

Welcome to Kopparnäs, a stunning nature reserve located on the southern coast of Finland. This pristine area is known for its rugged coastal landscapes, dense pine forests, and scenic hiking trails.

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Exclusive Day and Evening Tours in the Archipelago

- Kopparnäs

Exclusive Day Tour on an Island

- Linlo

About Kopparnäs

Kopparnäs could be called the abandoned wonderland of the Ice Age. And here, you will find everything you need for your mind to reset. Sandy and rocky beaches, islets as far as the eye can see, rich forests and bio diversity, and historical remains from the Soviet era. It is also known for being an exceptional and unspoiled maritime environment, on the border of Inkoo and Siuntio. This will probably be your unique and exclusive opportunity to be in the heart of the Finnish archipelago, on the Gulf of Finland part. By some definitions, it contains the largest archipelago in the world, by the number of islands!


Exclusive Day Tour on an Island

- Linlo

Discover the beauty of Linlo, a serene and untouched gem in the Finnish archipelago.

About Linlo

Linlo is the perfect place to escape and forget your watch for a day. The island's highest point is culminating at 32 meters above sea level. Maybe not the most impressive elevation, but still a nice and natural scenic view from the top. The island stretches 1.5 kilometers from north to south, and almost 1 kilometer in an east-west direction. But going around it, can easily take up to 8 kilometers. We will be heading for an adventure around the island of Linlo. There we will enjoy walking through the forest and the coast, with authentic maritime atmosphere, but without a boat! We will discover some beautiful geological rock formations like an overhanging cliff, erratic boulders and a whaleback.

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